04 October 2011


In researching about this organization I discovered that it is a non-profit organization that helps prevent child injuries and deaths that are caused by a car. They are big on informing people as they make their own charts, statistics, and graphic. Another way they inform the people is with educating them through public service announcements (both through video and audio files). They educate the viewers on the website the different types of dangers, have stories of different children tragedies (include picture of the children who died as well as near death experiences), and show state laws.

Love Them, Protect Them

Looking up all the information surprised me in how many families are affected by child deaths caused by cars. It is something you don't really think about, but is a problem that needs to be solved. KidsAndCars wants to solve this problem.

Just looking at this website their main colors are yellow and black -with a little blue, using red and silver cars. The yellow and black is a reminder of the road signs, which makes perfect sense. They also have the slight slant stripes that again repeat this road sign theme (the stripes kind of remind me of Adidas, especially when there are just three lines).

I also thought it was cool that they even sell products online. It is mainly informative features, air fresheners, magnets, balloons, tote bags, window clings, and of course a truck release kit.

Overall it is a very good website.... kidsandcars.org

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