28 September 2011

YouTube: Design Like A Pro

I found a user on YouTube named Designlikeapro. Niki is an artist and a full time graphic/web designer, a digital artist and a marketing manager with over seven years of experience in design. (so she knows her stuff). The YouTube channel only has about 15 videos, but she makes each video based on what people want to know and need tips on. I think these are excellent videos. I watched, "Design Tip # 2 To Bleed or not to Bleed?"  In the video she talks about how InDesign is used best when finalizing an image before it is taken to the printer. She demonstrates a postcard that she made in Photoshop, changes the sizing a bit to add a bleed, and drags it into InDesign. She describes how important it is to have a bleed. It looks more professional to have space instead of having the text tight on the edge. What I never really thought about was how she explained about to properly make your image a proper PDF, making crop marks to show the printer where to cut the image. It was a simple tip, but I  am glad to know it. She also has a Twitter page, Facebook page, and even a Blog. i plan on viewing her other videos on YouTube. 

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