16 September 2011


More companies look to become more eco-friendly in their products or product packages. I feel like Puma really tries to be eco-friendly. Here is a prime example of Puma changing their shoe box to reduce the paper and much more as a company turns to reducing the affects on the planet. In the video I watched, it explains their thoughts, ideas, process, and affects the product has done. The point out how much we use and are related to boxes. We are surrounded by boxes and don't even realize it. Thinking about it, it seems more extreme than Helvetica taking over the world. I like how they showed the different ideas that failed. It shows just how many failed designs they went through to get this one really good idea. I personally like seeing the process because it shows that coming up with something is not easy and takes a lot of time to accomplish a good one.
Check out the Clever Little Bag!

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