06 September 2011

form follows function

When researching "functionalism" using Credo Reference, I found that it is a concept that a piece of work is not only created for beauty, but is also for the purpose that it serves. There used to be a distinct line between functional objects and art work. An American modernest architect, Louis Sullivan coined the phrase "Form follows Function." Which means that the structure or design was shown through how it is expressed. It almost naturally takes the form it functions into. After remembering all of this from my art history class, I decided to look into what "machine atheistic" is. The Bloomsbury Guide to Art explains it as a "love affair with the efficiency and gloss of machinery..." I find it very interesting that they described it as a "love affair." This shows the complex relationship between its from and functionality.

I first thought about making a pencil/pen holder, then a toothbrush holder. Both I could really use because I have been using a cup to hold my toothbrush. Then I thought about making a little organizer to go in my drawer to hold my pencils/pens, but then that form just seemed to boring. How about a cookie jar? Eh, I don't really eat cookies that much....and the same goes with candy. Maybe a popcorn bowl, I could always use one of those. I would really like to make my own hot cocoa cup, but I am not sure.
So I decided to just check out the Internet, it usually gives me good ideas. I stumbled upon this website http://flickrhivemind.net/flickr.... this started me thinking.... It also lead me to some Flickr accounts that I decided to add as my contact.
I also found this candle holder that really got me thinking I could use one of those because I do like candles very much, I usually don't have a place to put them, but I wonder how well that fits into the assignment.. It is a container and it's function is to hold a candle. Maybe it could work after all.
I could apply this same thought process to my hot cocoa cup; it is a container that holds hot cocoa and it requires a handle to lift the cup.... It almost feels to simple..
What do I want to make?

I don't need any containers for jewelry, I use Altoids tins. I use glass bottles to hold my change. I have a container that holds all of my paper clips and tacks. There isn't really much that I need a container for....

Decision: I am making a candle holder.

I just got to find the right design to go on it. I like the design of the candle holder I looked up, but I don't really want to copy it. I like the leaf patter of the small bowls that Cris Couto did. I am thinking of staying organic and not so much geometric because I don't think that it will translate well on a rounded surface such as this candle holder.
Looks like I am going to have to sketch out some ideas.

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