30 August 2011

looking at pinch pots and more!

Written assignment to sharpen your looking skills

For me this pinch pot has an upward directional force. The overlapping layers have this flowing up motion, which remind me of pedals. The overlapping "petals" create lines that also add emphasis to the upward directional force. The overlapping layers are formed in a way that leads my eye up to the rim and makes me want to keep looking up.

Also the foot attachment lifts the open pot, giving it that vertical directional force. The small size of the foot puts emphasis on the body of the pot as it is lifting it up.

I enjoy looking at both of these pieces. These two pieces of work obviously both have dots. The dots in the pinch pot are built it or punched in the pot as to what seems to be more of a decoration. Whereas the piece on the right has dots that are painted on that add emphasis to the large oval shape the bottom of the vase has. The pinch pot has an unique opening that is more asymmetrical looking, from left to right it appears to close a bit. The vase has a neck and a symmetrical circle opening. The pinch pot also has more texture to it and monotone in color. The vase is smooth looking and the solid white color as the background which pulls your eye straight to the red dots. The pinch pot has a slight similarity to this affect with the dots. Around the dots there is a lighter color, almost like a white that highlights the dots which in turn draw attention to them.
I have always had an interest in dots, which is why I enjoy looking at these pieces. Although circles are hard to draw they are simple, which intrigues me. This simplicity of dots reminds me of my photography assignment in which I decided to focus or rather not focus on lights, which simplifies the light source into a dot.

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