30 August 2011

Digital Page Layout

I found this new website: 

This website has many examples of brochures, logos, and stationary items, as well as articles concerning graphic design. 
This is an excellent place to search to get inspiration. This website led me to the unique brochure on the left.

When I was searching for unique brochures I came across this interesting way of folding. The way this brochure is folded is similar to the TVNZ 7 logo. Also when the brochure is unflolded, it resembles to how it is animated on the television idents. Looking at this brochure has made me think about what interesting way I could fold a brochure. And could I how can I related it to my personal logo? I want to make it unique, but not so complicated that the brochure gets confusing to the viewer.

Check out:
to see more in-depth pictures of this triangular brochure. 

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  1. There also really good tips about working with clients... a good resource.