30 August 2011


I decided to Google ceramics, just to get myself thinking. I saved pictures of works that caught my eye.

This first work of the whales caught my interest because I like how the whales proportions  are off. The whales exaggerated heads and small tales make the whales look cute with their huge smiles on their faces.

This piece is one of my favorites. I love looking at it because it doesn't have a complete solid form. It has what reminds me of ribbon that twirls together to form its shape. The light emphasizes the gaps and the unique "ribbon" as it overlaps.

I like this piece because of its simple form. It has a plain smooth surface that simplifies it, but what I like is how the "pedals" are overlapping to create an uneven edge on the top.

 I like this piece because of the design that is on the pot.

Looking at these cups made me think of what kind of texture I can apply to the outside layer.

 I found this piece amazing. I couldn't believe that this was not an actual shoe. It is very well made and I like how the light blue is outlined and slightly shaded on the shoe, keeping it simple.

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  1. Rember these shoes when we talk about glazing. This is an example of oxides (Black copper) applied to highlight texture.