14 April 2011

New Project Idea

As I am working on my personal logo, I struggle with how to incorporate what I do into symbols. I am using two symbols, a camera and the pen tool from Illustrator. Late one night I had the idea of making them into a stamp, so the next day I was searching for a tutorial of how to make it look like a stamp. I talked to my teacher about it and she suggested finding a company that would make my stamp for me. Which sounded like a genus idea. I searched online and I found RubberStamps.Net, who offers different sizes of customized stamps. Yahtzee. I came to the conclusion of the 1"x1" size and having a border.
This all made me go stamp crazy and I was thinking about if I were to make one on my own. So naturally I searched on the internet and found an Etsy blog. Which has a simple explanation of how to make your own stamp.
 I only truly became inspired when I scrolled down to the bottom and saw this:

Which seems a little weird that I would get inspired by something as "Related Items," but it got me thinking of what I wanted to make. Seeing how cleanly the tea time stamp looked made me think of the Christmas cards I make every year for my friends and family.. What if I decided to use stamps instead of construction paper?

No matter what I decide to do, I really want to look into doing something more with stamps.



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