19 April 2011

These are just some random things that I found... I like the dinosaur because it reminds me of a doodle. The colors seem so vibrant that it reminds me of a marker. I also like the child-like drawing feel it gives. It is simplified, but also disproportions add character to the dinosaur.
This Typographic Ninja doesn't seem like it took all that much time to create, but I still like it. It is a simple stick figure, but it is more interesting because words and letters are being used which makes the viewer look further.. I am still wanting to look into making something with type. Maybe I should start simple like this and then move onto more complex figures.


This has become one of my new favorite quotes. Everyone has a fear of being wrong and rejection. We have to overcome this fear to create something out of the ordinary. This also ties in with being confident about oneself. Confidence is being proud and having no fear or care of what others think.. standing tall.
I also like how the text is in different colors as well as the "font." The letters look like they were cut out of paper. The words work well being so close together because of the different colors that the words are. I also link the same colored words together, which forms interesting phrases.
When I was looking up the definition of the words, just for curiosity reasons, I came across a visual thesaurus. Which I found interesting because of how they mapped out the different words around the word being looked up.

14 April 2011

New Project Idea

As I am working on my personal logo, I struggle with how to incorporate what I do into symbols. I am using two symbols, a camera and the pen tool from Illustrator. Late one night I had the idea of making them into a stamp, so the next day I was searching for a tutorial of how to make it look like a stamp. I talked to my teacher about it and she suggested finding a company that would make my stamp for me. Which sounded like a genus idea. I searched online and I found RubberStamps.Net, who offers different sizes of customized stamps. Yahtzee. I came to the conclusion of the 1"x1" size and having a border.
This all made me go stamp crazy and I was thinking about if I were to make one on my own. So naturally I searched on the internet and found an Etsy blog. Which has a simple explanation of how to make your own stamp.
 I only truly became inspired when I scrolled down to the bottom and saw this:

Which seems a little weird that I would get inspired by something as "Related Items," but it got me thinking of what I wanted to make. Seeing how cleanly the tea time stamp looked made me think of the Christmas cards I make every year for my friends and family.. What if I decided to use stamps instead of construction paper?

No matter what I decide to do, I really want to look into doing something more with stamps.