21 March 2011

something i should/need to do

I only have about 4 contacts on flickr, but they come up with some pretty awesome images.
Today, I got an email that ke_cupcake
added some new photos to her photostream. I normally just kind of glance through the small images the email puts up, but this time I was interested. She has a drawing book and has been taking images of it. In this book she has all sorts of things in it, from to-do lists, fashion ideas, and what she did that day. She also marks the pages with the date, which I like and find interesting. What struck me at first though was how well she wrote everything, there were no erase or smug marks, and it was all done in pin. I very much admire her craftsmanship.
Last summer, I attempted to keep a journal/sketchbook of all that I did and my thoughts. I had it all organized I just didn't follow through and now it just sits on the floor next to my bed. Looking at her drawing book inspires me to start a new one this summer. I have to find the right sketchbook first and I think if i make it a either or weekly thing I might keep up with it this time around. I like keeping a "records" of certain things in my life anyways and I am in need of a new journal anyways.... This is good timing. 

 See for yourself ----> Drawing Book No. 5 Set

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