25 March 2011

A Gun and Letters

I find all three of these images interesting because they all take the image of a gun to express their ideas. In the most recent one I found, starting from the top, has more of the image of a gun with the words within the gun. The quote "education is the most powerful weapon" is true statement I think, however I still feel like this one looks the most violent looking because it has some image of a gun. I wonder why they chose to make the word "education" the smallest. Maybe it is because they first want to threaten people then have them realize later once they look that education can be just as powerful. 
For the second picture from the top, this is one that reminded me of my "death by typography." This one uses words to create the image of the gun. The words this person used are very powerful and violent. The first sentence that is read is "I could kill you" and ends with "Your prayers" at the bottom. The image of the gun is less visible, but the words speak strongly through this image that are piercing enough.
This last image has always been my personal favorite. It uses mostly letters to make up the image of the gun and I like how it has the words bang as bullets coming out of the gun, and finishing it off with the comment of death by typography. It reminds me of the form of a letter instead of just seeing it as a letter that is just apart of a word, it is a shape. This one is the least violent because unlike the others it isn't a strict image of the gun, with the word weapon, and with strong violent gruesome words.
This is image is one of the first that I came across when I started looking and discovering typography. Looking at this image makes me want to create something with letters of my own. An image of what has yet to be decided.

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