24 March 2011

Famous Logo: FedEx

 The original FedEx (shortened for Federal Express) logo was created by Richard Runyan in 1973. The newer FedEx logo has won over 40 awards worldwide and has been ranked by Rolling Stone Magazine as one of the 8 best logos in the past 35 years. The logo was  created by Lindon Leader in 1994. After Lindon had created and viewed over 200 designs he saw a hint of a "clumpsy" and "abstract" arrow between the "E" and the "x". He then made the arrow more defined by manipulating the font. He was studying both Bold Condensed and Futura Bold, which he like both but they had different strengths. He essentially combined both good elements about each to make a font that would work best to fit the arrow in. The arrow symbolizes speed and precision which are FedEx's communicative attributes.
This is one of my favorite logos mostly because it incorporated the arrow, which it seems like most people do not see. They also change the color of the "Ex" to represent the different operating units. Express is orange, Freight is red, Ground is green, Kinko's is blue, Trade Networks is yellow, and Services is gray. Which I think is a neat way of having the original logo while still representing the different operating units that FedEx offers.

Check this website out that has an interview with Lindon Leader:

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