25 March 2011

A Gun and Letters

I find all three of these images interesting because they all take the image of a gun to express their ideas. In the most recent one I found, starting from the top, has more of the image of a gun with the words within the gun. The quote "education is the most powerful weapon" is true statement I think, however I still feel like this one looks the most violent looking because it has some image of a gun. I wonder why they chose to make the word "education" the smallest. Maybe it is because they first want to threaten people then have them realize later once they look that education can be just as powerful. 
For the second picture from the top, this is one that reminded me of my "death by typography." This one uses words to create the image of the gun. The words this person used are very powerful and violent. The first sentence that is read is "I could kill you" and ends with "Your prayers" at the bottom. The image of the gun is less visible, but the words speak strongly through this image that are piercing enough.
This last image has always been my personal favorite. It uses mostly letters to make up the image of the gun and I like how it has the words bang as bullets coming out of the gun, and finishing it off with the comment of death by typography. It reminds me of the form of a letter instead of just seeing it as a letter that is just apart of a word, it is a shape. This one is the least violent because unlike the others it isn't a strict image of the gun, with the word weapon, and with strong violent gruesome words.
This is image is one of the first that I came across when I started looking and discovering typography. Looking at this image makes me want to create something with letters of my own. An image of what has yet to be decided.

24 March 2011

Famous Logo: FedEx

 The original FedEx (shortened for Federal Express) logo was created by Richard Runyan in 1973. The newer FedEx logo has won over 40 awards worldwide and has been ranked by Rolling Stone Magazine as one of the 8 best logos in the past 35 years. The logo was  created by Lindon Leader in 1994. After Lindon had created and viewed over 200 designs he saw a hint of a "clumpsy" and "abstract" arrow between the "E" and the "x". He then made the arrow more defined by manipulating the font. He was studying both Bold Condensed and Futura Bold, which he like both but they had different strengths. He essentially combined both good elements about each to make a font that would work best to fit the arrow in. The arrow symbolizes speed and precision which are FedEx's communicative attributes.
This is one of my favorite logos mostly because it incorporated the arrow, which it seems like most people do not see. They also change the color of the "Ex" to represent the different operating units. Express is orange, Freight is red, Ground is green, Kinko's is blue, Trade Networks is yellow, and Services is gray. Which I think is a neat way of having the original logo while still representing the different operating units that FedEx offers.

Check this website out that has an interview with Lindon Leader:

These are the other websites I got my information from:

21 March 2011

something i should/need to do

I only have about 4 contacts on flickr, but they come up with some pretty awesome images.
Today, I got an email that ke_cupcake
added some new photos to her photostream. I normally just kind of glance through the small images the email puts up, but this time I was interested. She has a drawing book and has been taking images of it. In this book she has all sorts of things in it, from to-do lists, fashion ideas, and what she did that day. She also marks the pages with the date, which I like and find interesting. What struck me at first though was how well she wrote everything, there were no erase or smug marks, and it was all done in pin. I very much admire her craftsmanship.
Last summer, I attempted to keep a journal/sketchbook of all that I did and my thoughts. I had it all organized I just didn't follow through and now it just sits on the floor next to my bed. Looking at her drawing book inspires me to start a new one this summer. I have to find the right sketchbook first and I think if i make it a either or weekly thing I might keep up with it this time around. I like keeping a "records" of certain things in my life anyways and I am in need of a new journal anyways.... This is good timing. 

 See for yourself ----> Drawing Book No. 5 Set

20 March 2011

finding a font


 <---- I really want to make something like this someday. Maybe when I make my own clothes. 


When I go look for fonts I automatically go to dafont.com, which is a good place to get free fonts. However, when I was randomly roaming around on the internet I cam across another place to get fonts, Font Squirrel. I just have to say that I like the title of the site and from what I have seen they have good fonts to choose from. Dafont is organized for a person who doesn't know much about type, categorizing them upon looks or themes of the font. Font Squirrel organizes fonts based upon the font style. I have yet to get fonts from Font Squirrel, but I have a feeling I will in the future.

17 March 2011


What I like about this image is that it is taking something simple such as a windshield wiper wiping the windshield and puts blue letters to replace the water. However it leaves certain letters and words behind. This is a very small image so it is hard to tell if the black letters and words left are significant or not, but I think it would be a good place to put a message. It also makes it more realistic that the letters that are wiped to the side are being staked, giving the idea of the water building up.

the internet is a wonderful thing

When I was working on one of my poster assignments in graphic design I was searching for vector images online that had to do with school supplies. I came across this wonderful website called Fuzzimo. It is an odd name, but it has excellent images and even some good tutorials.
 I also like the design of their creative website. It has the supplies look with the notebook paper with the information on it and sticky notes as tabs. I also like the texture of the background. The top with a more floral look while the bottom is just a simple paper texture. They layer the pieces of paper very well and the website is simple to use.

You should check it out at www.fuzzimo.com !