21 February 2011

You The Designer - "Landing Your First Graphic Design Job"

Looking at one of my new websites I have come across YOU THE DESIGNER, I found this article talking about finding a job after college, for a graphic designer. Reading this it made me think of all the things that I was taught while taking my Portfolio Seminar class and when I went to Ad Club's (or American Advertising Federation Kansas City) Career Day. Not only does it discuss key points but it also gives other websites: 
All Graphic Design, can help create a design portfolio

by Nichole Nelson
(part of the article)
"Looking for your first job post-college can be a long and frustrating process, but be persistent. Don’t just look at the classified ads in the newspaper. Keep re-evaluating the type of job you want. Work on building up your design portfolio and refine your resume. Network. Network. Network. And, if all the jobs you are looking at require a skill set you don’t have, consider taking a course to expand your skills.
Landing your first job is all about matching your creativity and skills with an organization’s needs. Your first job is also a very valuable learning experience – you will learn about the different ways design is practiced and what skills employers deem most important. Be persistent and you’ll find your first design job, and just know, your next job search (no matter how soon or far away that is) will be much easier."

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