08 February 2011


For one of my assignments in typography we were to take a word and show its action using that word. I think these images show an excellent example of this....



The two on the left are both simple, using black and white (with a little bit of red). I like how the word falling used three letters with different values to show how it is falling down. If there was no value shown then it would be hard to recognize that the letters are falling. The pile of letters (a and g) makes it seem like these letters have been falling for a period of time. I like how the "g" is the actual magnifying glass and it focuses up on the letters that it follows; you still read it as normal. It doesn't bother me much that the "g" is cut off either, I almost really like it like that because it helps you focus on the bowl of the "g" and emphasizes that it is a magnifying glass.
The two on the right are a bit more complex in the fact that they have more color. For the word "collide" I can feel the letter colliding with one another has it crashes in the center of the word. the word "ice cream" works well because the word "ice" is a cool color (blue) and is solid, like how an piece of ice would be. The word "cream" shows how ice cream does indeed melt and I like how it is a different color because it helps give the sense of taste. Pink is a good frosting or sweet flavor.

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