25 February 2011

Seb Lester

Seb Lester is passionate about letterforms. He works in London as a type designer, illustrator, and artist. He has worked with companies such as Nike, Apple, Intel, The New York Times, 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics and J.D. Salinger's final reissue of The Catcher in the Rye.
He as excellent work and most of his work consists of swirly cursive formal lettering. Most of cursive lettering is very hard to read but he pushes it and uses the swirling lines to help create a wonderful composition with only using letters. 
He likes to above and beyond to be good.
On i love typography I found Seb Lester's prints called Dreams, Stars, and So Much to Do.
He talks about each piece individually saying how he wanted it to show his love for letter forms.
On his website he has recorded a picture of all the inspirational fonts that he sees. Which I think is something that I should consider doing because I do like making my own letters. I do not have the best ability to draw, but I can replicate or remake a font very well. I practice when I make my own cards for holidays and birthdays.
In Dreams his inspiration was from some of the most accomplished lettering in history, but wanted to make it more modern looking. He wanted to make something that was versatile, passionate, flair, and that has craftsmanship. Which I think he has excellent craftsmanship. 

These first two images here are sketches. I love seeing sketches because it is a very important process to get to the final product; an idea has to be planted before one can move forward.



I love this print because how he mixes the font to give a certain emphasis on each word. Like he is giving a personality to each of the words. I like how he uses the lines coming off the letters to give direction and movement to the word.



 Although this print has a font that make it slightly hard to read, I still love it. This is an excellent example of how he uses lines off the letters to make movement and give direction which makes it have better composition.

 Although it is hard to tell (look at the close up images below, you might have to click on them to get a better look), but each of the letters are made up of a bunch of tiny stars. That takes a lot of patience and good craftsmanship to make all those stars produce clear lines with the font.


So Much to Do

I like this one because it reminds me of when I like make up my own random crazy font. The letters may all be different but it has the same shape so it all is still unified and consistent. The words from top to bottom get better, which creates emphasis especially on the last two words. This emphasis on "to bed" almost seems like the proverb is upset or bothered by so much that they have to do.

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