03 February 2011


Here are some lovely Helvetica posters that I found by searching on Google.com
What I like about these is that some people have expressed how much they hate or love and appreciate Helvetica. There are quite the mixed reviews about this font.

<---- It is very simple and I like the message that it gives, especially the ending part “doesn’t need to prove itself to anyone.” It realized that this font has done for everyone and recognizes it. I have also seen this poster done in different colors, but I like this lime green the best.

<---- This person obviously feels strongly against Helvetica. This is a very clear message done thick and typed in all caps. I think what I like most about this image is that the background is textured. The black background looks like it was folded in half and is worn.

<----  I like this image very much because I like this image very much because I think it is funny. The person who created this obviously is a fan of Helvetica. I like how they chose simple images that only require black and white and still get the information efficiently. You almost do not have to read what is written underneath the font names because the images clearly tell the viewer how the creator feels.

<---- This is also simple, but it has less text that stands out. I like how the percentage is close to the font name. You can even see the “1” of the “100%” connect with the “h” in “Helvetica.” It kind of emphasizes and repeats the vertical line. The “0” of the “0%” is a repeated circle shape just like the “a” in “Arial” is making. It also a good choice to make the percentage and the font name two different colors, so that away you get your information without pushing the two together.

  <---- I like this one because it take the font name, “Helvetica” and repeats it over and over again. Repeating like this makes a mess and a mash of name. The clash of the letters seems like it is an explosion and looks like some words are peeling away.

<----  This poster makes me laugh. I think it is creative how the creator made a safety pin with the type of Helvetica and calling it a “safe choice,” which it is. It works very well and is safe to use.

<---- This one just makes me laugh a little. It uses simple emotion symbols to show how the letter feels.


<---- I like how the text is all placed in this image. I also have found out that red and black text work well together. The red will make a letter or word pop out just because it is a contrast in comparison to the black.

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