27 January 2011


Helvetica Typographic Poster

This poster was made by a design group, ilona ink in Bristol, UK which is run by Ilona Bridges, a freelance graphic designer.
I have looked up and seen a lot of Helvetica posters. Some of the posters were making fun of the font, others were praising, and others comparing it to Arial.
What I like about this poster is how it has a play on words that combine with the way the top of the lowercase h looks, "Just add Helvetica. The perfect design ingredient since 1957." Which I think explains Helvetica well. People can hate this font all they want, but I think it works so well that it is almost too hard to hate it. It is "plain" font, but it is a font that is very readable and simple enough to complete a design. Back to this poster, looking at how the h is being "poured" the splatters keep the viewers eye within the h. The only thing I wonder about this poster is if there is too much black space on the side. However the small text on the side might give it a bit of balance.

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