23 January 2011

Cookies for CASA

For my painting I class we had to do a Service Learning Project. Our project was to have a bake sale to raise money to give to CASA or Court Appointed Special Advocates for children. This organization is basically helps orphaned children find a home. The money we raised was to help the children in the Leavenworth County.
The most fun part of this project was “painting” the cookies.
these are the cookies that I made
We first baked some cookies; several big sugar cookies and then other kinds of cookies. With the big sugar cookies we put icing on them, making our white canvas, and then used food coloring and other edible coloring decorations to “paint” our cookie.
Just before we started this project we were working on abstractions, so with this new way of painting we took what we learned about our previous abstract paintings and applied them to our cookie canvas. It was hard to work with a circle because arranging your composition is tricky. It is important to not put your focal point in the center because the viewer will lose interest. Although this seems very complicated for just a cookie, it was important to apply our skills with project. All the rules still apply.
We all had fun with this project and we even raised more money than we thought we were going to.

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