27 January 2011

What I found on YouTube today....

So just like everyone I was searching around YouTube, I was looking at typography and one video let to another. Then I cam across this video, Speed Customer typography Logo design in Illustrator. What I like about this video is that I am watching someone else work. Which kind of makes me want to see other videos in which people make up a logo right in front of you. While watching someone else like this I compare their actions to how I would have gone about making this logo. I was impressed by how simple it was to create this logo. Which seems like common sense, but I feel like common sense should be reminded every now and then just to keep your brain fresh. When you are designing something, especially graphically it usually simple parts that come all together to make this awesome design. This person made their own serifs based off this other font and created the circle a lot simpler than I imagined.
Randomly, I also kind of like the song playing in the background. Although at the end of the video (4:10) it becomes a black screen with just the song playing.

watch the video to see how this was made


Helvetica Typographic Poster

This poster was made by a design group, ilona ink in Bristol, UK which is run by Ilona Bridges, a freelance graphic designer.
I have looked up and seen a lot of Helvetica posters. Some of the posters were making fun of the font, others were praising, and others comparing it to Arial.
What I like about this poster is how it has a play on words that combine with the way the top of the lowercase h looks, "Just add Helvetica. The perfect design ingredient since 1957." Which I think explains Helvetica well. People can hate this font all they want, but I think it works so well that it is almost too hard to hate it. It is "plain" font, but it is a font that is very readable and simple enough to complete a design. Back to this poster, looking at how the h is being "poured" the splatters keep the viewers eye within the h. The only thing I wonder about this poster is if there is too much black space on the side. However the small text on the side might give it a bit of balance.

23 January 2011

Cookies for CASA

For my painting I class we had to do a Service Learning Project. Our project was to have a bake sale to raise money to give to CASA or Court Appointed Special Advocates for children. This organization is basically helps orphaned children find a home. The money we raised was to help the children in the Leavenworth County.
The most fun part of this project was “painting” the cookies.
these are the cookies that I made
We first baked some cookies; several big sugar cookies and then other kinds of cookies. With the big sugar cookies we put icing on them, making our white canvas, and then used food coloring and other edible coloring decorations to “paint” our cookie.
Just before we started this project we were working on abstractions, so with this new way of painting we took what we learned about our previous abstract paintings and applied them to our cookie canvas. It was hard to work with a circle because arranging your composition is tricky. It is important to not put your focal point in the center because the viewer will lose interest. Although this seems very complicated for just a cookie, it was important to apply our skills with project. All the rules still apply.
We all had fun with this project and we even raised more money than we thought we were going to.